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MSI GT70 0NE-276US Notebook Review

MSI GT70 0NE-276US

MSI GT70 0NE-276US blazes out through the games as well as multimedia files alongside Intel third-generation Core i7 processor. Need high resolution viewing experience? The brand new processor delivers the 1080p whole HD resolution as well as its multi-core processing electrical power increases the overall GPU performance by 30-60%. Having the ability to perform several tasks with ease, the brand new Core i7 processor increases the computing speed up to 200% while creating, writing and also editing any multimedia information. The most extreme sound systems developed by a particular acoustically knowledgeable brand has become incorporated into GT70 0NE-276US. With the inclusion of an subwoofer, it is the perfect mobile sound system to be selected for hardcore gaming.

Equipped with dual 128GB Gen3 mSATA SSDs in RAID 0, experience blazing speeds for instant action and additionally almost nullified burden times. This extreme storage configuration increases look over speeds to over 900 MB/s. Because of the further high storage capability of a 750GB HDD, have the greatest of every worlds because of the speed you prefer and the storage you crave.

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Full-color programmable backlit keys, 5-preset example settings and additionally over 1000 color combinations give you the liberty to choose your preferred design alongside ease. Besides that, the SteelSeries video gaming keyboard brings hardcore gamers immediate responses to truthfully handle up to 10 simultaneous key hits. Every one of the in all, it is one of key distinctive features to allow GT70 0NE-276US stand out within the class and additionally draw attention to every one of the hardcore gamers.

Price: $2,499.00

MSI GT70 0NE-276US Notebook Review Rating

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