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HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr Review – Take Your Notebook Experience to the Next Level

HP Pavilion g6-1d80nrIf you are searching for a notebook PC that can keep up with the demands of your daily tasks, the HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr is just the thing that you need. With its fast and powerful performance, you will definitely be able to complete everything that you need to do. Not just that, because the HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr also comes with an HDMI, allowing you to easily connect it with your HDTV so that you can effortlessly share all your slideshows and videos. This latest addition to the line of notebook PCs from HP will also let you surf the web for editing your photos, plus, you can also stay connected online with its integrated Wi-Fi and talk to your friends in real time through its webcam. Pavilion g6-1d80nr will make you enjoy song lyrics and movie dialogs that are crystal clear combined with Altec Lansing speakers and SRS Premium Sound.

HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr Features And Specifications

Battery: HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr comes with a battery pack of the standard six-cell that has 47WHr for capacity rating that can be expected out of the majority of laptops that belong to its price range. You can enjoy watching videos for more than three and a half hours prior to it going to its standby mode. This just means that there will be more time for fun and entertainment when you have the Pavilion g6.

Processor: Instead of opting to go for the leading Intel processors, HP chose to incorporate the Pavilion g6-1d80nr with AMD Fusion platform, which is not a bad option considering that AMD processors have the tendency of having better graphics engine built, not to mention that these usually have more cores compared to Intel’s. HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr makes use of A4-3350M dual core processor that makes it ideal enough for your day to day laptop activities such as web browsing, media viewing, email, as well as word processing.

Graphics: The HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr comes with the typical display of 15.6 inches panel and 1366×768 for its resolution. At its price, you can say that this actually works above average and even though it will not be winning awards for contrast, brightness and color, you can expect that it will do the job perfectly fine. It is not also a surprise that its graphics is eminently one step ahead than your usual budget laptop. The processor’s built-in AMD Radeon HD 6480G effortlessly outperforms others as far as 3D performance is concerned. Gamers will love its lower gaming resolution as well as detail levels which cannot easily be done by others. It also offers a much better acceleration range for the applications that are non-3D that are supporting OpenCL extensions.

Memory: It comes with a 4GB installed memory that will let you store most of your important files.

Hard Drive/Storage: When it comes to hard drive or storage, Pavilion g6-1d80nr has 640GB hard drive giving it with about 30% additional storage space that can be used for media files, applications, and data compared to your typical budget laptop of 500GB drive.


There are three important features that make the HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr a great buy, first of which is its relatively low price. Also, the capacity of its hard drive is above average and its integrated graphics are undoubtedly better compared to those which also belong in its similar price range.


One of the primary downsides of the HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr is the fact that it does not have USB 3.0 ports that can be found in the latest laptops and are being used for external storage of higher speed. Aside from that, there is also no numeric keypad on its keyboard but it still has the isolated key design that will definitely give you a more comfortable and accurate experience.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Being new in the market, the HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr only has 11 reviews at present on the Amazon site and out of these 11, 7 of them actually rated it with 5 stars. This only proves that as early as now, you can already foresee that more and more laptop users will see how Pavilion g6 can change their notebook PC experience.

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Make your everyday tasks much easier than before with the help of the HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr. With its HDMI cable, you simply need to plug it to your HDTV and you can already show off to world all your videos and photos. With its outstanding hard drive capacity, good battery life, and weight that is as light as paper ream, you will definitely not miss out on important occasions in your life and stay connected with your family and friends, all made possible by this amazing product from HP line, none other than HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr.


Price: $429.99

HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr Review – Take Your Notebook Experience to the Next Level Rating

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