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HP Pavilion dm4-3170se Beats Edition Entertainment Notebook PC Review

HP Pavilion dm4-3170se 14-Inch Laptop (Black)The HP Pavilion dm4-3170se is one of the latest models of laptop computers released by Hewlett-Packard (HP), and is intended to complement the selection of high-end laptop computers issued by the company. The HP Pavilion dm4-3170se beats edition entertainment notebook PC has all the features that other HP laptop computers do not have, but in a much upgraded form. In terms of styles and designs, this laptop model has all that anyone would want, as it is made of sleek design and a much thinner hardware configuration as compared to other laptop computers that are available in the market. In terms of other hardware that comes with this laptop computer, all are configures with sleek design, but can work much more effective as compared to the ones in other laptop computers.

The HP Pavilion dm4-3170se 14-inch laptop can be a much-loved computer in the market, as it has all the things that every computer fanatic would love aside from its physical features. In terms of random access memory and hardware memory, it can save whatever you want even the files with voluminous content that cannot be saved in other laptop computers. You can be sure that you can do whatever you like with this laptop computer including the things that you find hard to do in other brands of laptop computers.

HP Pavilion Dm4-3170se Beats Edition Specs And Features

  • Comes with Intel Core_i5_3210M Processor with 2.5 GHz memory (32MB Cache)
  • With 6 Gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Has a 500 GB, 5400 rpm Hard Drive Memory
  • Comes Already installed with Windows 7 Home Premium that runs in a 64-bit capacity
  • Hardware includes 14-inch Screen with Intel High Definition Graphics 4000


If you are looking for a laptop computer that can satisfy your needs for a more elegant design and can save space in you are backpack, then the HP Pavilion dm4-3170se can be the perfect one for you. You should not be worried about its design, as it has all the things that you want in terms of aesthetics and other things that you can find in this laptop computer.

As every computer user wants a laptop that can serve as their “library on the go,” the HP Pavilion dm4-3170se can give you what you want as it has wider memory capability that allows you to download, to save and to extract the large files that you have from the web. It also comes with other laptop accessories, including a removable memory or USB and an adaptor that you can use in charging your HP Pavilion dm4-3170se. if you will have the HP Pavilion dm4-3170se from this website, you can also avail the discounted financing scheme that you cannot find in other online shopping websites.

HP Pavilion dm4-3170se 14-Inch LaptopCons

Because of the many features that you can have from HP Pavilion dm4-3170se, it is only normal that you will find this laptop computer a little pricey as compared to the other laptop computers that are available in the market. Also, because the HP Pavilion dm4-3170se has lots of capability, you should know that it is a little more sensitive than the other laptop computers that are available in the market.

Consumer Ratings

The HP Pavilion dm4-3170se was bought by 15 customers from an online shopping website and it was well-rated. Out of the 15 customer who bought this laptop computer, 8 rated it with 5 star, 2 rated the HP Pavilion dm4-3170se with 4 stars, only 1 rated it with 2 stars, and only 2 rated it with 1 star.


Laptop computers nowadays are needed by almost all people who have their works and even the ones who use computers for leisure. But as there are lots of laptop computers that are available in the market, finding the best one that can address your needs can be a difficult undertaking. With the HP Pavilion dm4-3170se, everything that you need from a laptop computer can be addressed. And because this laptop computer is designed and manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, you can be sure that it has the configuration and the looks that other HP laptop computers do not have.

Buy At Amazon

Finding the HP Pavilion dm4-3170se for your needs should not be a problem, as it is available in almost all electronic and computer stores in the country. But if you want to have the HP dm4-3170se laptop computer in a much comfortable way, you can also have it from the online computer stores that you trust. Having the dm4-3170se from your trusted online shopping website can be also the fastest way on how you can have this laptop computer, as your order can be shipped from the moment that you have ordered it. Shipping this laptop computer is also free of charge, so you do not have to be worried about extra cost that you have to pay. So, purchase it now!

Price: $799.99

HP Pavilion dm4-3170se Beats Edition Entertainment Notebook PC Review Rating

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