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ASUS N53SM-ES72 Review – Value With Dependability and Performance

ASUS N53SM-ES72There comes a time when you’re going to need to upgrade your gadgets, and with the dot com boom it’s easier than ever to become savvy on the Internet. It should be no surprise that there are countless services offered online, which can aid you in buying quality merchandise. However, one of the biggest and most researched products is laptops, which as you will soon learn about, each laptop is quite different.

So how do we ensure that we are getting the most value for our dollar? Clearly, unbiased or “sincere” product reviews will allow you to compare each products pros and cons to meet your needs. Look no further, because if you are looking to learn more about ASUS N53SM-ES72, this review will show you exactly what you will get.

Dependability And Style

In order for a laptop to be useful you’re going to need a device that isn’t going to be out of date within a couple months of taking it out of the box. Since, the ASUS N53SM-ES72 has a modest price tag and is generally on the “lower end” price it’s obviously a prime choice for the savvy laptop/notebook shopper.

With the 15.6 inch 1920X1080 LED HD screen (backlit) with ASUS Splendid Technology; you will be able to enjoy colorful images, crystal clear graphics, and outstanding vibrant colors. Moreover, you will be able to work and browse the Internet with a wider screen than most 15 inch laptops in the same realm in HD. All while having a sturdy, sleek, and sophisticated silver aluminum enclosure, that is not only functional but practical for any future laptop owner.

Very durable and the dimensions are 15.6″ X 10.6″ X 1.2″ and weighs 6.4 pounds; this device is prone to withstanding an immense amount of damage without leaving the computer broken or dysfunctional. Additionally, the premium keys and sleek buttons allow you to have a delightful computer experience while showing off it’s sophistication to your friends and family.

Outstanding Features – Bang For Your Buck

ASUS N53SM-ES72 is a lot more than just sophisticated in looks, but is also integrated with powerful hardware that allows it to sore over other laptops within the same budget. The value you get with this notebook is amazing.

Processor: With the Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz) quad-core processor inside this fabulous product by ASUS seems supercharged and performs like a mid 3.0 GHz laptop.

Graphics: The lightning fast NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics card is very proficient when manipulating videos/images (includes VideoMagic 3-in-1 software) within your favorite Windows compatible application.

Memory: The 6GB DDR3 1333MHz with 4 SODIMM Sockets which are expandable to 16 GB. This is enough memory to run your multiple applications at once without any limitations, right out of the box.

Hard Drive/Storage: ASUS N53SM-ES72 comes with a Seagate Momentus 750 GB (SATA III 9.5mm) lightning fast 7200 RPM, 3 GB/16 Mb Cache.

Other Practical Features: The tech-savvy will definitely take note of these features that include:

Wireless WiFi 802.11 (2.4 GHZ) b/g/n (LAN support 10/100/1000Mbps)

Internal Duel Layer DVD RQ/CD-RW

ASUS Sonic Master Technology (award winning) audio, which produces deep base and highs unheard of on a laptop.

2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0 that is blazing fast a built in HDMI and Bluetooth 3 ready.

Battery: A key feature that ASUS N53SM-ES72 is it simply excels at its battery life which is a 6-cell battery (ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and Power4Gear Hybrid) that lasts 4-5 hours at maximum capacity. This feature-rich plus application allows you to maximize your battery life for longer durations. Other notebooks typically have a battery life of 2-3 hours which would limit your amount of productivity before needing to plugin the AC adapter.

Software/OS: It comes preloaded with Windows 7 Home (Premium) 64-bit and will support the latest software and hardware.

Price: Not the cheapest laptop on the market with a respectable price of $1,499.99, but the ASUS N53SM-ES72 packs a tremendous amount of value, durability, and performance with a respectable brand. This is a dynamic laptop that will handle all of your multimedia, image/video editing projects, games, web browsing, etc.

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For the value this ASUS N53SM-ES72 feature-rich notebook packs a tremendous bang for the price. You will certainly arrive in style with sophistication and durable and dynamic gadget. Don’t get left behind with a sub-par laptop that will be out of date within a number of months. This is absolutely the best value on the market today!


Price: $1499.99

ASUS N53SM-ES72 Review – Value With Dependability and Performance Rating

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