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Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410 Review – The Hottest Selling Netbook for Veritable Mobility

While laptops got there first in terms of mobility, netbooks take users one huge step further with a more compact computing machine that practically has everything you need to get the job done and stay productive while on the go. The Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410 is the embodiment of how mobile computing should be. How does ultra compact, low carry weight, stylish design sound to you? If this is what you’re looking for, then you must read this review to see and believe that it is indeed one of the most efficient netbooks ever conceived.

Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410: Slim + Light = Optimum Portability

The essence of netbooks is that not only does it have to small; it has to be lightweight as well. It effortlessly meets this foremost criterion; weighing less than 3 pounds and practically only an inch thin (actual dimension: Width – 10.17” X Height – 1.01” X Depth – 7.8”; Weight – 2.87 lbs). As you can see, portability isn’t an issue here and this baby doesn’t require you to have Superman’s steel muscles to carry even when you’re constantly on the go. This ultra compact device is so unobtrusively thin; you can easily slip it in your handbag or backpack along with your other belongings and nobody would be any wiser that it’s there.

Although this Acer Aspire One netbook model stays true to form with the traditional clam shell shape making it easier to flip open and use; it features a distinctive water ripple color scheme in espresso black finish that lends a truly eye-catching, avant-garde form. The aesthetics and shape of this model in its entirety can only be described as stylishly sleek, which is quite a contrast to those overly bulky and awkward netbook designs you typically find on the market nowadays.

Great Specs Too!

The Aspire One AOD270-1410’s minimalistic and fashionably simple design is not the only edge it has over other similar products. Acer does know how to load up their products with gizmos deemed indispensable in modern-day technology, that’s for sure! Along with the appealing espresso black casing (which is bound to turn heads when you take it out to use) it has every feature you need, starting off with the 10.1-inch, built-in screen that utilize CrystalBrite technology. While many may deem this to be a tad small, it’s a pretty decent size as netbooks go. Moreover, the Active Matrix TFT Color LCD plus LED Backlight technology make it easy on the eyes; reducing eyestrain to almost nil. Apart from that it conserves huge energy even as it’s capable of producing optimal display at a 1024 X 600-pixel resolution.

Connectivity isn’t a problem with this either; inclusive of features are 3 USB 2.0 ports, RJ-45 LAN and high-speed Wi-Fi 802.11/b/g/n. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is not part of its components; but since most tablets and even smart phones typically get connections through Wi-Fi anyway, it shouldn’t be much of a big deal. It is also equipped with 15-pin VGA port and HDMI output port that you can easily hook-up to a bigger HDTV, so you can enjoy high definition multimedia content either by yourself or with friends and family.

Along with Wi-Fi connectivity, this netbook also has an integrated 0.3 megapixel webcam and microphone, two built-in stereo speakers and a line out for headphones (or external speakers, if you want to attach them). This means you can actually keep in touch not only with business associates but also family and friends, whichever part of the world you are.

You can stay mobile without having to worry about your netbook running out of juice as the 4400 mAh 6-cell Lithium ion battery that sits snugly in the chassis (which, I have to point out, further enhances the neat looks of this model) can provide up to 8 hours of battery life on every single charge. Well, that’s as advertised, of course; however, even with a margin of say, an hour or a couple maybe – you could still have about 6 ½ to 7 hours. In short, you have ample power to continue working and stay happily connected to the world for long hours while on the move!

As expressed many times in reviews of Acer AOD270-1410, the keyboard is a bit too overcrowded for most users’ taste. It has to be pointed out that this concern is common in nearly all netbooks of any brand. The smooth curves of the keyboard more than made up for this drawback, though. It’s about 10% smaller than the standard (full-size) keyboard, so it’s not really that small to make typing difficult; plus the keys are relatively well-laid out and have a nice tactile feel to them. Mechanical keyboard users may find it a bit “spongy” at first and might take a bit of time getting familiar with and used to it; but it certainly gets the job done. If you’re not planning to do 80-100 WPM kind of typing, this keyboard will suffice just fine. The touchpad is likewise pretty handy and responsive as a pointing device, enabling you to utilize the cursor without much difficulty – whether flipping, rotating, pinching or two-finger scrolling.

High Density Power under the Hood

Performance-wise,  it has a few limitations and it’s not exactly what you’d classify as high-end; nonetheless, Acer sees to it that you have more than adequate power to sustain most anything in your daily tasks and mobile computing.

This model comes with the innovative Cedar Trail platform that uses the 32nm fabrication process and is one of the first netbooks that feature the Intel Atom N2600, 1.6 GHz dual-core processor. This processor has a 1-MB L2 cache along with Mobile Intel NM10 Express chipset, 800MHz Front Side Bus support; Hyper-Threading Technology and Thermal Monitoring Technology for a more enhanced multitasking capability.

Many computer tasks are quite demanding on the RAM – even simple Chrome browsing with 4 to 5 open tabs can chew up around 200 MB of RAM. Acer understands this; thus, Aspire One AOD270-1410 comes fully equipped with 1GB DDR3 RAM (expandable to 2GB). Although there are still some restrictions to the number of programs you can store and simultaneously run; the provision of 320GB Serial ATA hard drive certainly offers more than just acceptable storage capacity for on-the-go computing.

If you’re thinking you can install Photoshop or play World of Warcraft, you’d be sorely disappointed. Acer One AOD270-1410 is a netbook and just isn’t built for such tasks (as mentioned earlier). It has an integrated graphics controller with shared graphics memory. It should be noted, however, that it is capable to stream videos and offers graphics acceleration through Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 (which is much more powerful than the integrated GPU in previous atom processors) with Microsoft DirectX 9. To augment graphics performance, a 64-MB dedicated video memory is provided.

Another downside is it doesn’t come with an optical drive – no CD/DVD drive here, which is typical in most netbooks. Investing in an external DVD driver would be a good idea to consider.

With the pre-installed 32-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Starter operating system, this little mean machine runs at a pretty fast pace, fully capable of coping up with your daily browsing needs and simple business-related tasks (such as creating Word documents, writing emails or working on minutes of a board meeting). You can easily upgrade to the full Office suite (e.g., Windows Home Premium), which you can do in minutes. The good news is you can even purchase the upgrade code at practically half the listed retail price, inclusive of the necessary security patches.

Is It Worth the Price?

With a price tag of $249.99, it’s a fantastic deal! It’s simply amazing how Acer can offer feature-rich netbook computers as this for such a bargain price. With a cut-rate price like this, you have no reason to have second thoughts about buying a netbook.

Why It Makes Sense to Buy It

Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410 is among the best netbook product line out on the market. If you’re looking for an ultra compact portable machine to cater to your constant beck and call, which can perform various tasks and run fast enough to accomplish multiple errands that you have to take care of on the fly, this is absolutely the netbook for you!

Buy At Amazon

It is generally an outstanding netbook model that offers exceptional mobile computing experience. Remember, though; there are certain limitations to its capabilities. There are certainly lots of things it does well; but there’s also plenty more room for improvement. Just don’t expect it to be something that it’s not and this little baby could be a real life saver.

Price: $249.99

Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410 Review – The Hottest Selling Netbook for Veritable Mobility Rating

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