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Acer Aspire One AO722-0825 Review – Tremendous Mobile Computing Power Wherever You Go

When thinking about the gazillion computer tasks you need to accomplish even as you’re on the move, wouldn’t you just love to have ‘one-machine-that-has-it-all’? Who wouldn’t? Guess what…Acer just granted that wish with Acer Aspire One AO722-0825! Want a perfect usability-portability combo with style? You got it! Read the AO722-0825 Reviews below and uncover that fantastic combination you’ve been craving for.

Top Form and Built

You probably think that just because it’s pegged at a cut-rate cost of $349 (if you hurry, you can even have it for the bargain-based price of $338), you’d be looking at a cheap, mediocre excuse of a netbook. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong there. This netbook’s sensational design in stylish yet professional-looking Diamond Black is anything but run-of-the-mill and is sure to grab attention. Its lustrous cover can only be described as elegantly sleek with its distinctive water ripple pattern that you can actually feel, as every ripple is meticulously embossed (instead of just touch-painted) on the lid. This smooth, textured design is nothing short of spectacular; further enhanced by the sloped and tapered shape from the front part all the way to the back with rounded edges and corners that leave no trace of sharpness at all. All these provide a splendid visual allure, while also underscoring the soothing feel to it.

Acer Aspire One AO722-0825The all-black, matte-finish of the inside area minimizes the accumulation of dust as well as prevents accrual of too many smudges from fingerprints. Which advantage is not quite echoed in the screen area itself (unfortunately); as the screen is a polished bezel and seems to pick up every fingerprint like crazy!

Aspire One AO722-0825 uses flat keys laid out in island-style design that practically fills the whole keyboard area, so eventual “shrinkage” of key size should not be a concern. This full-size keyboard along with the highly responsive multi-gesture touchpad allows for comfortable navigation – just perfect for browsing, scrolling, zooming and rotating images. Now that’s convenience right on the tip of your fingers!

This lightweight 3.2 pounder, 11.2” X 1”X 7.9” netbook provides supreme mobility, that’s for sure. However, its physical structure is not entirely flawless. The plastic casing has some vulnerable spots that may cause some flex; among them the plastic hinges that support the screen. They are not as tight as expected and you may feel some screen wobbling while typing. It’s not exactly of the same built as the larger laptops so exercise a bit of caution when carrying this little baby; a protective case of some sort while on the move is a good idea.

The Performance Power Within

Among the Aspire One AO722-0825 specs listed, you’d probably look at the AMD C-60 (Dual Core) processor with some concern, thinking it might be an impediment performance-wise. Well, you can put your anxiety to rest. This processor is definitely capable of making your digital life a truly dynamic and vibrant experience. Along with its HD Internet technology and 4GB RAM on board, you are assured that web surfing, watching vivid streaming movies or video playback, performing essential tasks, and even playing casual games are all adequately and effortlessly carried out with top-quality performance.

Want optimum viewing experience while watching movies and smooth perusal of web pages? No problem. Acer’s Aspire One AO722-0825 combines ATI Radeon 6290 graphics and terrific HD resolution alongside its dedicated memory system of 256MB, to provide authentic cinematic feel (aspect ratio of 16:9) in an 11.6-inch, LED backlit display complete with CineCrystal Technology in HD widescreen. Not only that; you can even share fantastic video/movie screening experience with family and friends as you can easily stream high-definition video/audio – using just a single cable, mind you – to a larger display or HDTV screen via the provided port for HDMI output.

Staying connected and remaining productive while on-the-go is made easy and simple with 802.11b/g/n wireless accessibility in addition to 10/100 Ethernet LAN connectivity. The 3 USB ports and multi-in-one card reader also come in handy for efficient file sharing; while face-to-face online video chat is enhanced by a built-in 0.3 MG webcam with digital microphone thrown in. And don’t forget email exchange and connecting to social networks or to other mobile devices; name it – it’s all a breeze! Moreover, you need not worry about losing any files; the 320GB hard drive sees to it that you have ample storage for files and media that matter most.

Sustaining the Power…ON and ON…and ON…

One truly significant aspect of portability is to keep the juice flowing, so to speak; it’s all about battery life that can keep up with the demands of sustaining the power, even in places where outlets may not be available. The Acer Aspire One AO722-0825 is unquestionably a cut above the rest in this feature with a whopping total battery life of 6 hours and 45 minutes on average. Realistically, battery life may vary depending on your actual usage, of course. Watching videos and putting screen brightness to the max for extended hours may put some strain on the life of the battery; still rounding up around 4 hours with this kind of usage isn’t bad at all. Now with some smart energy conservation moves, you could even make the battery last for more than 7 hours.

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Verdict: It Is the Ultimate in Portability

It may neither have the bells and whistles nor fancy add-ons but it is positively a force to reckon with in its own way; being one of the most practical and convenient machines that work very competently as a vital travel buddy and effective mobile computing companion. When it comes to providing high-quality performance, this no-nonsense netbook can engage the user in productive work and go the distance without budging an inch. Go light. Get connected. Go productive. Get yours now!

Price: $344.02

Acer Aspire One AO722-0825 Review – Tremendous Mobile Computing Power Wherever You Go Rating

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